Welcome Aboard STV Fox II

Each CanSail trip aboard Fox II lasts approximately three hours. Upon arrival at the wharf, each member of your party will be advised what warm weather clothing to put on, then fitted with a lifejacket. A 20-minute safety briefing and basic sailing instructions will follow. Then your bags will be loaded and your party invited aboard.

Before your Trip

  • Obtain written parental/guardian Permission to Participate for each child.  

  • Your group should be accompanied by 2-4 adults. Sailing experience is not required.

  • Draw up a typed list of your participants’ names, including children, staff and other adult caregivers. A copy of this list and contact mobile numbers should be lodged with your school/organization office. A second copy of this list MUST be given to the CanSail skipper as your party boards Fox II on the day. Any last minute amendments can be made by hand to ensure an accurate list.

  • Arrange transport to and from Lyttelton/Akaroa.

  • Send home a kit list. Each participant needs warm clothing. Even if it is a fine day, the wind is chilling on the water. Each participant should pack his/her extra clothing in a small back-pack/school bag which will be stored below decks during your trip

  • Kit List for Each Student
  1. Wind-proof AND water-proof clothing
  2. Warm hat (woollen or fleece)
  3. Sun hat (with a string attached if it is loose-fitting. Hats lost overboard will not be retrieved.)
  4. Sun block
  5. Socks
  6. Closed-toe shoes, eg: sports shoes, sneakers, lace-up school shoes. (For safety reasons, NO jandals or other open-toe sandals.)
  7. Hair band to tie back long hair
  8. Plastic drink bottle (please NO fizzy drink.)
  9. Morning / afternoon tea snack (please NO sweets, yoghurt or chocolate.)

Confirmation the Night Before / Cancellation

Please text Roy Borrelli, CanSail's skipper, on the evening prior to your sailing to confirm that your trip is still scheduled to run: 0274.144.879.

To keep a watch on the weather, the Live Weather Update line is 0900.773.777 or you can check with the Met. Service: www.metservice.co.nz... click MARINE on the left-hand menu; then either Coastal Marine Forecasts - select Rangitataor Recretional Marine Forecasts - select Christchurch.  Winds forecast over 20 knots are not helpful.

Cancellation on the day of your trip will be made before 7:30am. The skipper will contact you on your mobile number or by mutual arrangement otherwise.

Please note that if you are booked on the Quail Island Experience, CanSail will not take this into account when considering cancellation. Quail Island Experience groups are expected to complete the sailing portion of their trips when CanSail is prepared to sail. The fact that your group(s) may have to spend time on the island in inclement weather is not an acceptable reason for you to cancel. Please take this into account when booking your transport to Lyttelton, especially where you have two groups alternating on the island.

In the event that your trip is cancelled, CanSail will endeavour to reschedule, but please appreciate that the Lyttelton sailing schedule is always very busy. It may only be possible to offer you an alternative sailing date in the New Year in Akaroa.


On Board

Safety: on board, the skipper is in charge of your party. Please advise all participants that they must, at all times, respond to the instructions of the skipper and/or other CanSail crew members. Failure to do so may create an unsafe environment. In the event that the skipper feels the safety of those on board is threatened (e.g., by weather, uncooperative participants, equipment damage/failure) he will return to the wharf immediately.

Please advise your participants that care and respect for the equipment and the facilities provided on Fox II are essential for the safety of all those on board.

Bags: all bags will be stored below decks. If you require access to a bag during the trip, please ask the skipper.

Food: each child should have an on-board snack and drink. NO fizzy drinks, sweets, yoghurt or chocolate, please. This snack should be kept in the child’s bag which will be retrieved from below decks at Snack Time. (Snack Time is time- and weather-dependent, at the skipper’s discretion.)

Cameras: your children will be busy sailing the ship and will not have time to take photographs. Please have one or two cameras which are operated by the adults in your party and share the photos taken.

Hair: all long hair MUST be tied back securely. This is for safety to avoid entanglement with ship equipment, such as pulleys and ropes.

Jewellery: all jewellery should be removed, other than that worn for cultural or religious reasons. In this event, necklaces must be secured beneath high-necked clothing; rings, ear rings and facial piercings must be taped over. This is for safety to avoid entanglement with ship equipment, such as pulleys and ropes.

Toilet: on-board facilities are very limited. Please ensure that each participant has used a toilet before embarking. In Lyttelton, public toilets are located next to the Health Centre on Oxford Street within easy walking distance of the Jetty A. At Naval Point, public toilets are located in the public car park. Should a participant need to use the toilet during your trip, please ask the skipper.

Sea-sickness: it is rare that anyone suffers sea-sickness aboard Fox II. It is certainly not a subject your CanSail crew will raise. The best way to avoid sea-sickness is to stay busy, and there is certainly plenty to do on board. Please advise a crew member if a participant is feeling unwell.

Phones/Electronic Games etc: children are not permitted to use mobile phones, electronic games or other electronic items on board. These must be stored in the child’s/staff’s bag which will remain below decks other than at Snack Time.

Please note, neither the CanSail Charitable Trust, (including its skippers and crew members) nor the ship’s owners accepts responsibility for any property which any member of your party brings on board, including but not limited to clothing, books, cameras, mobile phones, i-pods and electronic games.


Medical Care

CanSail's skipper, Roy Borrelli, is a St John's Ambulance volunteer. Should your require further medical treatment: Lyttelton Health Centre is at 18 Oxford Street; tel: 328.7309. Akaroa Health Centre is on Aylmers Valley Road; tel: 03.304.7004. Akaroa Hospital is on Onuku Road; tel: 03.304.7023.

If you are on Quail Island and need assistance, please phone CanSail's skipper Roy Borrelli. If urgent help is required, he will alert the emergency services.


After your Trip

Payment: the cost is $200.00 per trip. As CanSail is a not-for-profit charity, your prompt payment is appreciated. Cheques should be made payable to CanSail Charitable Trust. You may pay the skipper on the day, and a receipt will be sent to you. Alternatively, an invoice will be raised following your trip (NB: receipts for payment on invoice will be sent only if requested.)

'Thank you' Letter: for the records of the CanSail Charitable Trust and our funding partners, a letter of acknowledgement should be written on behalf of your group or by your party members to your day-sponsor. You will be advised of the name of your day-sponsor during your trip.

This letter and any other feedback should be addressed to:

CanSail Charitable Trust
PO Box 41015
Ferrymead, Christchurch 8247






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