The Value of Sail Training


The opportunity to crew a Small Ship offers so much more than simply the chance to learn sailing skills. Through this unique form of adventure training, CanSail aims to provide each young person with:


  • a physical and psychological challenge;
  • team participation in a new environment;
  • an awareness of leadership skills and personal responsibilities within a crew;
  • team spirit shaped by tolerance and an understanding of others;
  • an appreciation of effective communication; and
  • a sense of achievement and increased self-confidence.

The mission of Sail Training worldwide is to make a real difference for young people, particularly those from under-priviledged backgrounds, or with physical, social, behavioral or learning challenges. At CanSail, we hope no child will be prevented from attending due to their behaviour at school. For those are the very children who will gain the most from the experience. Out of their comfort zone, they are unlikely to act out; rather they will impress both you and their peers with their focus and cooperation. Their Sail Training experience will pay dividends - for all!





'I wish you the very best for what you are achieving, and I am fully behind your aims.'

Sir Peter Blake, 2001

'CanSail Charitable Trust is a brilliant concept that brings joy to many.'

David Cox, Christchurch City Councillor

'I got to steer Fox II! I loved yelling out orders like ‘Ready to gybe and ‘Ready to tack’.'

Makayla, Dorie School

'What a great opportunity: to see frowns change to smiles, personal confidence transform quayside concern and hear ‘I’m scared’ replaced with ‘that was fantastic’. CanSail offers an invaluable experience!

Penny Tattershaw, Y8 teacher and CanSail youth worker

'It was my first time sailing and I really enjoyed it. I even want to do it again sometime soon. I thought the crew was great!'

Najah, Riccarton Primary School

'Although our students have special needs, the crew was very skilled in delivering instructions and in encouraging them to participate. It was an experience of a lifetime.'

Solomon John, Deputy Principal, Halswell Residential College


'The Trust has inspired young New Zealanders ... Many young people miss the opportunities to push the horizons of their own personal development. This project aims to address this.'

David Carter, MP, 2007

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